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Privé MEDSPA Peau D'Orange (Dimpling of the Chin)

Many individuals develop a rough skin texture on the front area of the chin that can look something like an orange peel, which is how itgets the name, peau d’orange (French for orange peel skin).  This crêping of the skin is mostly a result of repeated contractions of the mentalis (chin muscle).  Over time, the contractions may result in numerous thin, cross-hatched lines that give the chin this undesirable look. 

chin dimpling

Most physicians treat peau d’orange with small amounts of BOTOX® that are placed with one or two tiny injections at  the origin of the mentalis muscle, which is at the bottom tip of the chin.  A physician should be careful not to inject too much BOTOX® in this area, so as not to impact the ability to pucker the mouth.  The intent is to gently relax the muscles in the chin, so that contractions are not as pronounced. 

Over time, this treatment can have significant impact to eliminate or greatly reduce the crêping.  If BOTOX® injections are repeated as close as possible to the time that the BOTOX® effects begin to wear off, then it is likely that treatments will be needed less and less frequently, with only minimal amounts of product over time.  In effect, the thin grooves tend to fade away in many individuals after a few treatments.

Most physicians do not manage this condition with dermal fillers because the lines are so thin and because BOTOX® does such an effective job, in most instances, in treating the peau d’orange.



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